Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Back to PR

Yes, once again we go back to Puerto Rico for another fresh design. This one will also be exclusive to the Puerto Rico Shop hidden in our website.

We call this Big CirCulture - Puerto Rico
Hand-painted design

Please, please pay close attention to detail. This is no joke. Some people are a little confused as to why some of our shirts are more pricey than others, so here is a little explanation: As you can see, this particular design uses our signature Impressionist paint pattern. By this, I mean the swirls & circles which give a significant amount of detail to the flag. So it's a bit of a longer process than our usual Classic designs, but that's what makes the difference in the end product.

Here's a closer look to show you what I mean.
Metallic paint shines under light.

The star has also been stylized with Metallic White paint, which gives it an exquisite shimmer.
Close-up to show details

Metallic Silver logo on back of left shoulder.
Metallic Silver logo on back of left shoulder

Big CirCulture - Puerto Rico

The Big CirCulture - Puerto Rico shirt is now available here.

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